Update Post 9/04/2016

Weekly Update

These past few weeks have been very busy here at Alabama Alpha. Our parents weekend was another success as we had parents from all across the nation come and gather for Auburn's homecoming game against Louisiana-Monroe. As we do every year, awards were given out at this years parents formal to certain individuals voted on by our chapter. The list of awards and recipients are as follows: 

Brother of the Year Award (someone who never lets a brother fall by the wayside even through tough times): Colby Stevens, The Dakota Parker Award (someone who strives to make their fellow brothers feel loved and someone we can always count on to put a smile on our face): Kenneth Sigler, The Doc Award (The brother who is constantly excelling in academics while also sacrificing his time to help others in need with school): Alex Barlow, The Pledge of the Year Award (someone who exhibited all the qualities of a true Sig Ep during their pledge ship): Johnston McCutcheon, The Nick Huntley Award (Recognizing a brother for his outstanding commitment to better the lives of those around him): Conner Davison, and last but not least the House Dog Award goes to Forrest Stevens for his always loving attitude and way of impressing anyone with his tricks and ability to catch anything in the air when thrown at him. 

Renovations are coming along very nicely with our kitchen being finished this week. Our Doc room (study room) is continuing to be worked on every day and we are excited to see the finish project! This past week we had the honor of formally inducting Mr. Jeff Huntley into the our chapter as an honorary brother. Mr. Huntley has shown true passion and commitment to our chapter dating all the way back to when his middle son Nick Huntley began to pledge back in 2012. Now, four years later, he and his family return to our chapter regularly as their youngest son, Matthew continues his Sigmaship.

It's midterm week here at Auburn and we look forward to excelling in academics as we do regularly. Our flag football team has gone onto the Intramural Playoffs and we are hoping to take gold.

Fall break begins next Friday so we wish everyone safe travels! 

Thank you for reading.