Weekly Update 8-31-15

The Sig Ep house has been very active the last couple weeks.  From a very successful rush to looking forward to our house renovation, we are excited to start the semester off with a bang.  We are also excited to welcome over 50 new members to the fraternity and get to know each and every member and help build balanced men.   

As always, academics are a focal point for our chapter. We are striving to start this semester off successfully as well as get involved on campus to better ourselves and Auburn.  We have a proud tradition of our members being involved on campus. Whether its in SGA, IFC, Camp War Eagle, Student recruiters, or countless other organizations, we are proud of our members who continue to get involved on and off campus.

Great things are coming this semester and we look forward to improving not only the house but the experiences of all who are affiliated with Sigma Phi Epsilon.