Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on Auburn's campus over 100 years ago. It was established with a vision of unity and a common bond that drew men together under the same purpose. The product of this vision is the reality of Sigma Phi Epsilon today.

Brotherhood at Sigma Phi Epsilon is more than making a few acquaintances while you are in college. Brotherhood is about establishing friendships that will last a lifetime, because here we view it as a lifetime responsibility. Brotherhood is about being part of something greater than oneself and knowing you can depend on the man next to you. As time passes you will make new friends and loose old ones, but you will always have men who you can call brother.

The most fundamental foundation of any fraternity is the bond of brotherhood among its members. A fraternity without brotherhood is merely a social club, a hollow organization.


The acquisition of an education is the foremost reason we attend school. Thus, we must be diligent in our studies.

At Sigma Phi Epsilon we promote this idea, by encouraging scholarly activities. We understand the tough transition from high school academics to those of college. This is why we provide study hours several times a week for our new members. To further promote academic excellence throughout the fraternity we have designated study areas at the house the promote an effective learning environment for individuals and groups.

Several brothers are selected for the dean's list and the president's list each semester. We have a rigorous academic directive, which requires all active brothers to maintain a 2.7 or higher. Year after year this has consistently lifted our chapters cumulative GPA.

The importance of education is transparent. It allows one to absorb material and apply it to past and present. It grants nourishment to a creative mind, producing a sharp thinker.

Campus Involvement

These past years the Brothers of Alabama Alpha reached new heights in respect to Campus involvement. Sig Eps have held positions in a myriad of campus organizations and honor societies. Notable involvements include Auburn University Plainsmen, SGA President, senators, cabinet members, Camp War Eagle counselors and IFC cabinet positions.

Sig Eps represent their University in several other capacities as well. We have brothers representing Alabama Alpha in Cardinal Key Honor Society as well as Order of Omega. We have brothers in the Lambda Sigma Honor Society. Nonetheless, the scope of our involvement is not limited to SGA, IFC or honor societies. Several serve as Auburn Student Recruiters, Engineering and Business clubs, and Auburn UPC.

The Brothers of Alabama Alpha strive to be the most involved fraternity on campus and our efforts are paying off. Our improvement over the past year has opened doors for future involvement. We are continuing to improve our reputation as the most involved fraternity on campus.


Every fall semester of the year, the brothers of sigma phi epsilon are pleased to join the Gamma Rho chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha in a campus-wide philanthropy event promoting breast cancer awareness. Not only is Volley for a Cure an exciting way to bring the community together for some competitive games of spike ball, but it serves as great way to promote what really matters: thinking pink, and raising awareness to something that affects nearly everyone in some way. Volley for a Cure was started by one of the best all around brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Nick Caruso. Caruso started the joint philanthropy about two years ago with hopes to bring awareness to the cause and shine a light on Auburn University’s Greek community. Last fall we were proud to announce our goal of $11,000 was reached and we couldn’t have done it without the humble and passionate community of Auburn University.  Along with our involvement to Zeta Tau Alpha’s breast cancer awareness national philanthropy, the members of Sigma Phi Epsilon also sought to become involved with the Boys and Girls club of greater Lee County. Our mission was to help each child grow and prosper in a positive direction and become the best they can be during their young years. From flag football to a game of kickball, or small talk at lunch to helping out with homework, this project has been a major success for the fraternity and for the hearts of every brother.  We can’t thank the men and women of the boys and girls club any more for allowing us to be apart of such a humbling experience. Throughout this past year, our executive board can pleasingly say our work to become more involved in the community, on campus, and in other organizations has been an overall success. Other involvements such as being a sponsor in the Kappa Delta 5K, coaching little league teams, donating bicycles to the local firehouse, and becoming involved with many different organizations are just a few more things that Auburn Sig Ep strives to keep doing. Though it is hard to express all of our passions and involvements on paper, the brothers of Sig Ep are excited to continue and add more to the list in hopes of growing academically and making a difference on campus. 

 Harrison Mills (Fall 08) runs for SGA President will the support of his friends and fraternity brothers.

Harrison Mills (Fall 08) runs for SGA President will the support of his friends and fraternity brothers.

 Brothers participate in the Big Event sponsored by Auburn University to help make improvements to the community.

Brothers participate in the Big Event sponsored by Auburn University to help make improvements to the community.

Semester Update

Auburn Sigma Phi Epsilon has already seen many new additions in 2017.

This semester started off with new renovations near completion and has since been finished. With these renovations brothers now have a brand new dinning room with new tables and chairs to enjoy meals at. In the past brothers struggled to find enough seating at old broken tables, now we have all new sturdy tables and ample seating for everyone. In addition to the new dining room we also received a new and updated Doc room with leather couches, chairs and a few conference tables. This room serves as a multi-purpose room for studying, meetings, and media needs such as screening sporting events. Everyone took to the new Doc room as soon as it was done and the brothers have been very pleased to have this new space available. Lastly we completed renovations with the addition of our new band room. In the past this room had inadequate lighting, chipped paint, and old utilities. With the renovations we now have a well-lit room for bands, chapter meetings and events and we now have a new storage closet for chairs and supplies. All of these renovations are major improvements over what used to be. The brothers of Sig Ep are grateful for their new facilities and have taken to using them daily. Along with these renovations the houses’ Wi-Fi has been upgraded. In the past brothers could barely connect to the Internet whether it was for homework and school purposes or relaxing and playing games, the connection was not sufficient. The start of this semester saw the signing of a new contract that has brought in a fiber optic cable to the house. This new fiber cable will bring faster and more reliable Wi-Fi to the entire house so that everyone can enjoy faster speeds for all of their needs. Lastly, the brothers have had a great semester with a Hawk’s Game date night, the annual Grain party, and Waikiki and the parents golf tournaments yet to come.


All in all the Spring Semester here at Auburn Sig Ep has been very eventful and has shown an upward climb in brotherhood and chapter health. Sig Ep looks forward to closing out the semester with good grades and a safe summer.